The same high-quality TrueSeal™ fittings for food and beverage applications are now available in black. The new black TrueSeal™ fittings offer the same leak-free benefits and ease of assembly as the rest of the TrueSeal™ line while enhancing the long-term aesthetics. 

Food, water, and beverage conveyance systems are sometimes installed in environments that can lead to the accumulation of grime on a system’s exterior surfaces. While unsightly, the dirty appearance does not typically signal that a system’s integrity has been compromised. However, system owners sometimes mistake the unsightly accumulations as an indication of material degradation and will shut down a system unnecessarily for maintenance.

The black material color of the new TrueSeal™ black polypropylene fittings makes external material accumulations less evident, thereby reducing the possibility of needless system shutdowns. Widely used in water conditioning, filtration, and reverse osmosis applications, as well as on water, soft drink, beer, wine, and condiment dispensing systems, TrueSeal™ fittings feature an all plastic body design that offers reduced weight and eliminates rust, corrosion, and system contamination that can be associated with metal fittings.

TrueSeal™ fittings – including the new black polypropylene line — are available in materials that are ANSI/NSF 51 and/or NSF/ANSI 61 compliant. TrueSeal™ collets are offered in either a patented all-plastic design for use with flexible tubing, or with a metal grip edge made from 300-series stainless steel for use on all tubing including copper. A removable collet design permits O-ring replacement in the field.


  • All components in TrueSeal™ fittings are manufactured from FDA compliant materials and are NSF-51 listed for contact with food.
  • Gray acetal TrueSeal™ fittings meet NSF-61 requirements for drinking water (potable water) system components.
  • All-plastic body designs offer reduced weight, eliminate rust, corrosion, and system contamination in applications where metal components cannot be tolerated.
  • Extra deep tube seat in fitting body provides support to reduce side-load leakage.
  • Elastomer o-ring seal provides positive compression on tubing O.D. in vacuum or pressure applications.
  • Tube stem adapters provide a wide range of tube-to-port jump size potential and allow elbows and tees to swivel for positive tube routing alignment.
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