Parker’s Voice of the Machine™ makes it easier and more cost effective for you to remotely monitor assets to improve safety and reduce risk, maintenance cost and unplanned downtime while uncovering hidden opportunities to improve efficiency.

To minimize unplanned downtime beyond using a standard PM schedule, condition monitoring can be used to track asset pressure, temperature, and humidity. This allows maintenance staff to perform maintenance only when necessary.

The Parker SensoNODE™ gold starter kit is a great introduction to condition monitoring.  SensoNODE™ gold is developed for continuous condition monitoring via the cloud. That means as long as you have an internet connection, you can get up-to-date measurements. These small sensors are simple to install and offer long battery life. Signals are sent to SCOUT Cloud (interface) where information is processed. Alerts are then sent via email or text message and analytics are available for increased awareness of your processes and assets. 

To learn more about SensoNODE™ gold and Parker’s Voice of the Machine™, click here


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