Enerpac announces a new Ultra-Flat hydraulic cylinder series for those projects with small working space, starting at just 2.8 cm tall, but large lifting requirements up to 1000 ton. The CULP-Series with lifting capacity 10 – 50 ton, and CUSP-Series 10 – 1000 ton, are designed for applications where high lifting forces are needed in confined spaces.

With a 700 bar max operating pressure, the Ultra-Flat cylinders provide a 7 – 17 mm stroke, and are designed to withstand up to 4% side load at full lifting capacity. The CUSP-Series has an integrated tilting function up to 4 degrees, and a 6 – 10mm tilted stroke.

The CULP cylinders are equipped with safety features, which prevent the plunger from accidentally dropping at the end of its stroke, while the CUSP cylinders feature a visual indicator to the operator when the maximum stroke has been reached.

Both series of the Ultra-Flat hydraulic cylinders feature nitro-carburising surface treatment to provide greater load and wear resistance, as well as corrosion protection in the harshest working conditions.

The CULP-Series and CUSP-Series can be used with Enerpac hydraulic pumps. To learn more about CUSP & CULP series cylinders, please visit Enerpac or stop into any of our store locations.

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