The Parker SensoNODE™ Gold starter kit is a great introduction to condition monitoring. Experience Parker’s cloud based monitoring system and the benefits of remotely monitoring your assets without interrupting production. That means as long as you have an internet connection, you can get up-to-date measurements. These small sensors are simple to install and offer long battery life. Signals are sent to SCOUT Cloud (interface) where information is processed. Alerts are then sent via email or text message and analytics are available for increased awareness of your processes and assets.

Getting started is easy. A Bond Fluidaire representative will survey your plant to determine the best location for the collection server. Then we’ll install sensors, plug in the gateway, login to SCOUT cloud and you’re ready to go!

The Starter Kit (QN-KIT-01) includes:

(1) 150 psi Pressure Sensor and (1) 5800 psi Pressure Sensor – SensoNODE Gold pressure sensors are designed for accurate monitoring with the most commonly used pressures.

(1) SensoNODE Gold Temperature Sensor – Temperature sensors measure in-line or ambient temperatures.

(1) SensoNODE Gold 4-20mA Transmitter – The transmitter turns any wired sensor into a wireless device, making it easier to monitor any asset.

 (1) SensoNODE Gold Repeater – The repeater’s primary use is as a network range extender for all sensors connected to mCard PRN, and supports up to 500 sensors.

(1) SensoNODE Gold Gateway System – The gateway is the control center of the system which receives the data from the sensors and transmits it to SCOUT cloud.

(2) Adapters and (1) Cable – pipe adapters to convert SAE o-ring port to NPT; M12 connection cable (6.5 ft) for use with native sensor and 4-20mA transmitter. 

To learn more about SensoNODE™ Gold and Parker’s SensoNODE Gold Starter Kit, click here.


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