Did you know that Parker offers lubrication hose that makes it easy to properly perform quick and effective preventive maintenance on all types of equipment?

Parker HLB hose is light weight and highly flexible, making it an easy to handle alternative to traditional hose. These lines connect grease port locations to a convenient service access panel where grease can be manually distributed throughout the machine. HLB hose utilizes a panel mounted hose fitting with integral zerk fitting port.

When replacing rubber, the HLB hose can save $10-$20 per line in reduced components and installation labor costs. Also, the unique GK Bulkhead hose fitting, with an integrated nipple, can save an additional $5-$10 per zerk connection.

Parflex HLB hose operates in temperatures from -40°F up to +212°F. Sizes range from 1/8” & 3/16” I.D.

HLB grease hose is available at any of our ParkerStore locations. To learn more, click here

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