If you own a Parker crimp machine, then you know that factory-quality hose assemblies can be made quickly, easily, and cost effectively right in your own facility.

When you need crimp specs, technical manuals, troubleshooting advice, or decals, you can call us…we’re glad to help! Or simply visit Parker’s Crimpsource online resource page.

Crimpsource is the industry’s most complete resource for crimper technical information. It contains all the specifications necessary to fabricate a factory hose assembly, including Parker’s rubber, industrial and thermoplastic hose.

A series of drop-down menus allow for you to find what you need quickly and easily. Choose your crimper, and then select the hose, fittings and current specifications needed to make hose assemblies. You can also print a simple-to-follow data specification sheet or crimper decal.

If you don’t currently own a crimp machine but are interested in making your own hose assemblies, check out Parker’s most recent blog post, “Not All Hydraulic Hose Crimpers are the Same.” Here they list things to consider and also demonstrate their newest line of crimp units. 

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