Several years ago, Parker introduced its fully customizable ParkerStore Onsite Container program with great success. In fact, Onsite has been so beneficial to those working in remote job-sites that we’re not sure it gets enough hype.

Typically seen in industries such as oil & gas, forestry, and construction, they are also becoming popular for customers that need a hose fabrication area at their plant but just don’t have enough floorspace available. Instead, the Onsite container is simply dropped off onto their property.

What starts out as a standard shipping container becomes a fully customizable mobile workspace. Designed to your specifications, we can deliver a fully stocked hydraulic workshop right to your job-site. These highly efficient, container-based workshops provide all the equipment, technology, and inventory needed for you to make your own hose & tube assemblies. When your cost of downtime requires keeping critical spares and bulk inventory on-hand, the Onsite Container also allows for secure storage, also don’t forget that there are bigger options for industrial use, some storage units where companies can give use to a depalletizer in order to make their life easier. 

ParkerStore Onsite containers are available in either size 20’ or 40’ and arrive at your job-site with all the basics, including:

Product inventory

Electrical and lighting

Insulation and climate control

Workbench, hose reels, and bulk fitting bins

Hose saw and crimp machine

The cost of each unit depends on how its configured; you can literally customize everything. Lease terms for 24, 36, and 48 months are available, or you can purchase the container outright. Read more about the ParkerStore Onsite Container here.

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