The ZC-Series cordless hydraulic pumps combine the performance of an electric pump with the convenience and portability of a battery pump. The ZC-Series is ideal for jobs that require a combination of portability, speed and safety. These cordless pumps work well for remote locations without access to power and indoors where trip hazards, ergonomics or size is a concern.

The pumps are suited for use in industrial applications such as foundation repair, rail maintenance and concrete post-tensioning. Since this cordless solution is quiet, it’s also ideal for applications where noise and emissions from gas powered equipment are a concern.

The ZC-Series is a high-flow cordless solution that saves users time and money by eliminating the need for a generator and extension cords. The brushless 1.4 hp motor and 3-stage pump maximizes the pump and tool productivity while minimizing heat buildup and downtime. Power for the pump is supplied by a rechargeable 82V lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery provides superior run time, even under extreme job site conditions.

Key Features

  • 82V 4ah Lithium Ion Battery
    • Improved portability
    • Capable of higher flow applications
    • Extended run time
  • 1.4hp Brushless DC Motor
    • Power to drive 3-stage pump for higher flow applications
    • Longer service life
    • Minimal noise and no emissions
  • 3-Stage Pump
    • Maximizes flow for lower pressure applications
  • Valve Options
    • 3-way, 3-position manual control valve used with single-acting cylinders
    • 4-way, 3-position manual control valve used with double-acting cylinders
    • 4-way, 3-position manual control valve with locking and power seat functions


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