Better, Accurate and Easy Monitoring
No matter the industry, consistent production equals money. Diagnostic tools play a large role in minimizing unplanned downtime, unproductive man hours spent repairing and lost revenue. And in today’s day and age you can stay on the cutting edge of technology with Parker Hannifin’s line of SensoControl® products to help easily, quickly and more accurately diagnose and address issues with your hydraulic and/or pneumatic system.

ServiceJunior™ Digital Pressure Gauge
Are you still using outdated mechanical pressure gauges? You’re probably missing those momentary pressure spikes and not receiving the accurate data you need to diagnose the issue, leading to component damage or entire system shutdowns. Parker’s ServiceJunior™ digital pressure gauge has a scan rate of 10ms and accuracy of +/-0.5% giving you a true reflection of your system’s pressure.  It’s compatible with most hydraulic and pneumatic media, has a back-lit display, is easy to use and can measure psi, bar, mPa and kPa with one gauge.  With the ServiceJunior™ you’ll get a quick and accurate digital read out every time, eliminating the guesswork and keeping you operating efficiently.

New Wireless ServiceJunior™ CONNECT
If you’re looking to take your condition monitoring to the next level, Parker recently released the ServiceJunior™ CONNECT. Utilizing low energy Bluetooth technology (BLE) and Parker’s SCOUT Mobile Software, you can accurately and safely access measurements wirelessly on your mobile device. You get all the same features as the ServiceJunior™ plus remote operations and scalability.

Other features include:

  • No wires or hoses getting caught in machinery
  • Line-of-sight not required to obtain measurements
  • Reduces safety risks by allowing users to be away from machinery while in use and under full load
  • Set alarms, create/view trend graphics and asset records
  • Export records and proof-of-work statements

For more innovative diagnostic products, services, accessories and expertise, no one delivers like your Bond Fluidaire ParkerStore. In addition to the ServiceJunior™ line of diagnostics, we stock a wide range of Parker products for the most common hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

For more information on ServiceJunior™, the new wireless ServiceJunior™ CONNECT or diagnostic solutions for your hydraulic and/or pneumatic systems contact us at 616-942-1060 or stop in at one of our ParkerStore locations.

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