The compressed air industry has long been dominated by traditional piping systems including steel, stainless steel, copper, and black iron. While these types are very familiar to the market, each has its disadvantages.

In recent years, aluminum compressed air piping systems such as Parker’s Transair® have risen in popularity. Aluminum material will not rust or corrode and has no rough surfaces or interior restrictions that accumulate contaminants. The smooth interior with full-bore design allows air to flow to your dryers and filters for efficient removal ensuring higher longevity of equipment.

Transair® pipe and fittings are reusable, allowing for quick system modifications. A system can be installed 6 times faster when using Transair® products over copper or steel. When compared to copper and steel, installing Transair® can save you an average of 35% on total installation costs.

Transair® can also be integrated into existing copper and steel compressed air pipe systems without compromising performance, making it perfect for upgrades or expansion projects. Available in 1/2″ to 6″, Transair® is the only system that meets ASME certification and it’s the only product with true push-to-connect fittings, eliminating the need to thread, solder or glue pipe. Its unique sealing technology guarantees Transair® to be leak-free.

Ideal for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications, Transair® offers significant savings on installation, maintenance and operating costs when compared to traditional compressed air piping systems.


Clean Air

The clean air quality and “full-bore” design provides optimal machine and tool efficiency. Transair® ensures a total absence of corrosion and prevents problems caused by rust. The inner pipe surface consistently delivers clean compressed air, inert gas, and chilled water. Its innovative technology provides better performance in terms of improved flow and pressure drop. Equipment life is prolonged and filter elements need to be changed less frequently.



Energy Savings

Over a 10-year period, electricity costs make up 76 percent of a factory’s operating costs. In many cases, the electricity used by a compressed air system in a factory makes up the largest percentage.  The Transair® components provide an innovative seal when compared to traditional systems, resulting in leak-free operation. And, as you know, fewer leaks mean the compressor runs less. Try the energy calculator and see how much money you can save.



Quick Connect Technology/Adaptability

The Transair® connections are simply pushed or bolted together. Therefore, Transair® can be easily disassembled when required (unlike other connection technologies that are permanently crimped or welded). A drop to a new piece of equipment can be installed in approximately 10-15 minutes instead of two hours often required for traditional systems. Check out the video below to see how much time Transair® can save in assembly costs.

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